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Many people turn to online reviews to know what to expect when working with a company & ensure they get the best service possible at a fair & reasonable rate. We believe client feedback & personal testimonials to be the best form of marketing. Our business is 100% based on referrals! We don't market, cold call, or pay for client information.

We are proud to say the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally launched a new marketing rule that allows Clients to provide Financial Professionals with testimonials!

Although we would love to utilize popular platforms such as Google Reviews &/or Yelp, those sites constitute as a “prohibited practice” according to SEC rules & regulations. They could create blind spots for compliance departments; hence, no management to ensure testimonials are true, made by real clientele, & do not overly promise or mislead the public.

Any & all testimonials on this page have undergone a pre-approval process, been reviewed & authenticated by our Broker Dealers compliance department to protect the public & allow for honest feedback. All testimonials were unpaid & provided freely by clients who felt inclined to do so.

Please feel free to read our clients’ thoughts about us & our service.

Non-compensated client testimonials may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success.

William & Terri Tatu | Chula Vista, CA

William & Terri Tatu | Chula Vista, CA

"My wife and I have known Coley and his wife for over 30 years and enjoyed watching their children grow. We have been clients of his for almost that long.  Thanks to Coley’s guidance and advice my wife and I have been comfortably retired for more than 10 years.  We have been so satisfied with the work Coley is doing for us that we have recommended him to family and friends. There are now numerous family members and friends who have become clients of Coley’s. While my wife and I are not one of Coley’s larger clients, I am confident that we are and have been treated the same as the larger clients.

It has been nice to have Coley’s daughter and son, Tasha & Coley Jr. working alongside their father in the office.  They both are very knowledgeable and extremely professional. If we have a question about our account I never hesitate to contact Tasha or Coley Jr. 

We would definitely give Coley and his firm a 5/5 star rating."
Adrienne Cornish | Davis, CA

Adrienne Cornish | Davis, CA

"I’ve been thinking about how to respond to this request. I really don’t think words suffice. Our relationship has been decades long and spans the life of my children. You came into my life at a time when I was about to experience the most devastating losses imaginable.  A train wreck. You put systems in place in an effort to protect me. Financial devastation ALMOST ruined me and put my kids at risk. But I was not ruined. With your insight and advice I was able to pick myself up and start again. This is just the beginning of our story together .

You have since supported my mother, my brother, my children, and my husband. I am now in a comfortable retirement and feel confident that whatever mishaps life throws at me you will be there to help guide me. The trust we share and the knowledge you have of me, my weaknesses, my blind spots, and vulnerabilities is probably more intimate than most marriages. To say I trust you to always have my back sounds trite to what we have already experienced together. Money is a very personal and intimate thing to trust with a person. I trust you and your family with my money. That should tell you everything. 

I am grateful."
Oscar & Cathy Escobedo | Chual Vista, CA

Oscar & Cathy Escobedo | Chual Vista, CA

"We met Coley in early 2022 and have been his client since then.

We first met with Coley because he came highly recommended by a trusted family friend. We had investments through another firm but felt skeptical about them. We had Coley review them and our suspicions were confirmed. He took so much time reviewing our investments and we felt he went above and beyond what we would have expected.

5/5 stars!"

Guy & Diane Chambers | Chula Vista, CA

Guy & Diane Chambers | Chula Vista, CA

"C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc. has proven to be a highly reliable and customer-centered provider for many financial services. One notable aspect of their service is their comprehensive range of insurance products, catering to diverse needs and preferences. The company's competitive premiums and flexible policy options make it accessible to various individuals and businesses.

Its emphasis on customer satisfaction sets C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc. apart. Coley Davis and his staff do a remarkable job in finding the right product based on individual needs, no matter their level of income. Every client is treated with the highest respect. C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc.'s customer service team is known for being responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of insurance. Whether assisting with policy selection, clarifying coverage details, or facilitating claims processing, C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc. strives to provide its customers with a seamless and positive experience. This commitment to customer service contributes significantly to building trust and long-term relationships with its clients.

I have known Coley for forty-five years (45) and have been his client for approximately fifteen years (15). I have recommended several of my family members, friends, and many First Responders to his company.

Additionally, from past and current reviews and awards, C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc. has a solid financial stability record, instilling confidence in its ability to fulfill policy obligations. Their prudent financial management and strategic investments ensure they can meet their commitments, even in challenging economic conditions. C.B. Insurance Financial Services Inc. stands out as a 5-star trustworthy company for individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and reputable insurance provider."

Forest & Laura Partch | Marana, AZ

Forest & Laura Partch | Marana, AZ

"Coley B. Davis III, President of C.B. Financial Insurance Services, is a man of integrity and is extremely dedicated to the profession of financial planning for his clients. Through a series of questions that the client fils out, he is able to create a financial plan to meet the needs of each individual client.

I've known Coley since 2010 when he took my jumbled financial accounts and developed an organized, well-rounded, and diversifed portfolio that took us into retirement feeling safe and secure.

Customer service is excellent and educational! I would rate the overall professionalism, financial planning, and personal attention of the company to be outstanding! (5 out of 5).

The whole team has been an example to us of great trust and integrity. It will be an honor to continue working with them for years to come."