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Desire, Duty, Drive, & Customer Service

Here at C.B. Financial Insurance Services, Inc. we have a true genuine desire to work with & help others. We do so through our closely heart felt duty to always work in a Fiduciary manner; hence, utilizing a high standard of Ethics, Integrity, and Honor. What we believe separates our Financial Firm from others is our drive to meet and/or exceed our client's expectations and goals. We treat each and every client as if they are our only client & providing superior customer service is our number one priority!

Our Process

Inclination to help.

Our History

Responsibility to serve God & Country.

Our Values

Passion for your success.

Our Resources

We put ourselves in our clients shoes.

As a family firm & personally owned business we have the ability to add a personal touch to make each clients experience a wonderful one. We are not "captive" agents; hence, we are not limited to specific companies or products. We have the world of financial programs & strategies at the tip of our finger tips. We are independent professionals which gives us the authority to do what we believe is in the best interest for our clients. Also, we lead our clients by example & practice what we preach. The financial venues & programs we utilize to help others achieve financial independence are strategies we have personally structured & use ourselves. The real worth, success, & effectiveness of something can only be determined by putting it to the test; hence, we have & continue to do so to this day.

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